Mission & Vision

The college aims at the academic, intellectual, moral and economic uplift of students. Mental alertness, cultural exposure, physical fitness, secular outlook, crisis management and intellectual resourcefulness are some of the qualities it seeks to imbue in students. The outreach programmes of the college try to ensure that enterprising and career-minded students find keys to future self-advancement and economic self-sufficiency.

Named after Swami Vivekananda, the great social reformer, the college sees itself as preparing young women for the greater challenges of life. Vivekananda College for Women plays a vital role in the expansion of higher education among the Indian women following the philosophy of Swamiji. The thrust area of the College is to ensure barrier-free higher education to the deserving girl students. Our initiatives are guided mainly by goal of equitable access which includes Equality, Quality and Excellence, Relevance and Value-based education.


Our objectives include dissemination of knowledge in tune with the academic prescriptions of the University, development of creativity, critical thinking and social commitment, fulfillment of inclusive growth by catering to the first generation learners and enabling students with knowledge and skill befitting the job market.